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The laws of the Russian Federation provide for the acceptance of the inheritance in two forms: actual adoption, if the person maintains the estate in good condition, uses, disposes of, and manages, therefore he came into the inheritance. Additionally, the acceptance of the inheritance can be expressed by the heir to the appeal of the notary on the agreement to accept the inheritance. It is served at the place of its discovery, not later than 6 months from the date of death of the testator.

You can apply for acceptance of inheritance through representative, you only have to stipulate this condition in the authorization.

The actual acceptance of the inheritance is expressed by the diversity of its forms:
1. the actual joining its management and ownership;
2. payment of your housing payments for the estate of the testator, and its contents;
3. protection of property against encroachment by other individuals, and care for its preservation;
4. the payment of the debts of the testator with his own funds or obtaining funds, which were intended the testator, and the means which were aimed at:
a) the contents of its property in good condition
b) payment of insurance premiums, taxes, rent,
c) receiving from tenants payment for the apartment, according to the contract and tenants who live in the house of the testator.

If the citizen has accepted the inheritance, but the notary refused to issue the corresponding certificate, the applicant considered by the court.

In addition, then it is necessary through the court to establish the fact of acceptance of inheritance. When the heirs are many and there is a dispute between them, issued the appropriate statement of claim.

Given the diversity of legal nuances in the Affairs of the inheritance, only a competent lawyer will be able to prepare all the necessary documents at the notary, and entry into the inheritance, no complications. This legal service is a legal professional fairly quickly.

As practice shows, skipping the six-month period - the heirs of a long period of time deal in court, it happens that it fails. In this case, counsel simply needed, otherwise you can lose the dispute.

In order to issue the heir Certificate of ownership, you must visit a variety of institutions. You need to evaluate the estate, to carry out his inventory, to measure the area of land - legal service of a lawyer are necessary in this case to get the documents quickly and effortlessly.

To lose the inheritance is quite simple, most often it happens because of ignorance of rules, regulations and procedures. Only a professional lawyer will help defend their rights and the law to get what you rightfully belongs.

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