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 The attorney provides legal assistance on various issues and disputes in the areas of contract law, bargains and bankruptcy, and conflict of laws. The attorney gives legal advice related to the preparation of various contracts, bargains and disputes in courts of general jurisdiction courts  and arbitration courts.


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The criminal case and preliminary investigation against citizen coupled with consistent proceedings.

The most important of them is the arraignment. It is, as a rule, is accompanied by the conclusion of the citizen under guards or house arrest.

Citizen who was charged, immediately becomes sharply limited rights, it may deprive of liberty Ц arrest. In the eyes of law enforcement it did become a criminal, though isn't up to the verdict and entry into force.

By law, attracting citizen to criminal responsibility, the investigator shall present the charges not later than 72 hours from the date of adoption of the resolution on bringing as accused.

To indict, the investigator must establish that itself is a criminal act actually took place, it is committed by a citizen, in an ongoing action there is a crime structure. When the investigator gathers all necessary in his view the evidence, he ruled.

When charged, the vast majority of people experiencing a lot of stress. Some try to fight with the state system alone, in this case, the probability of an acquittal or minimum sentence tends to zero. Others do nothing and then get the maximum punishment.

For professional counsel, the arraignment is an incentive to action. After all, after this procedure the procedure become aware of all the legal nuances of the charges.

For example, in a criminal case the lawyer knows that his client accused of fraud. However, on what characteristics it is incriminated often unknown until the indictment. Respectively, to build the line of defense and to look for evidence of innocence up to this point is very difficult. Because of the subjectivity of the investigators are well known, however, as notorious accusatory.

Already at the stage of familiarization with the accusation of professional defender can suggest what would be the result of a criminal case. What consequences it threatens his client. On the basis of these facts the attorney builds his work line of defense, searches for witnesses, collect documents and evidence.

In fact, the citizen who charged, life remains the same, from the point of view of living conditions. If he is arrested, it continues to expect trial and sentencing in jail. If the same is at large, remains on bail.

For a lawyer, in fact, is the beginning of a long journey, work on protecting your client. Only a professional lawyer will be able to control completely all the procedural actions that were in line with the Law. And only a competent lawyer can extract even from such a very unpleasant procedure, as the arraignment of benefit for his client.

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