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                          THE CLAIM AGAINST THE BANK


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Getting a Bank loan, sometimes we don't always pay attention to the fine points in the contract. Meanwhile, the Bank lawyers like to insert subtle eye: high interest rates, rigid penalties in case of delays and other conditions, after which a seemingly attractive loan is, to put it mildly, burdensome.

Often bankers and collectors love to scare your debtors high penalties and referral of cases to the court. Many people have a great fear, although in reality there is nothing wrong. Only the court can challenge a higher rate credit, eviction from apartment, and then, and try to recognize the credit agreement void.

For the borrower to appeal to the court is a great opportunity to prove his innocence: to accurately determine the amount to be paid; to produce documents, for example the loss of employment or illness, which confirm the failure of timely payment of the loan; to talk about minor children, dependents and other circumstances which may influence the court's decision.

However, to sue the bankers very difficult. After all, such companies have entire legal departments and they will do anything to win the case. Sometimes, banks send to the courts, several lawyers from that begin to quote obscure ordinary layman excerpts from the civil and civil procedure codes, and other applicable legal provisions.

In such a situation, the court won't even listen to you, and just make a decision not in your favor and the trial of the Bank to turn you into a dreadful penalty amount.

Then really can only help legal service from a competent lawyer. Only defender will be able to collect all the documents correctly and make objections to the claim and arguments to prove your position. In addition, the lawyer will protect from collectors, if any threaten you.

A competent lawyer at trial will require Bank account statements, find out all about the accrued interest and penalties and, if necessary, challenge them. It's quite a weak point of almost all the banks, because they often charge a fee, is credited with different insurance, then the loan becomes simply unfeasible.

In addition, citizens are often unaware of not only legal norms, but also how to properly file claims and petitions, sometimes you forget to pay the stamp duty and so on. Also, bankers can apply to the court for issuance of a writ. In this case, the debtor is generally not informed about the hearing, and the court decision becomes not just the obvious favor of the borrower.

To resist such powerful entities as banks, is possible only with the assistance of a lawyer. Only in this case, the court may decide, counting the amount of claims in your favor, thus eliminating charges and penalties. Moreover, sensing the proximity of a loss, banking lawyers, themselves often propose a settlement agreement, whereby you, with the help of counsel, will be able to achieve new, appropriate payment schedule.

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