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Copyright for various works - texts, music, trademarks, inventions, etc. originally belong to their authors (or groups of authors), however, the law allows a partial transfer of copyright to other people and organizations on certain conditions.

Copyright protection is required in those cases when someone (person or company) uses or distributes someone else's work without permission from the copyright holder. Another common reason for copyright protection is a violation of the agreed terms of the boundaries of the use of works by persons or organizations with which the authors have partially transferred the rights to their works.

Copyright protection is a complicated area of law. This is largely due to the complexity of assessment of the situation. If the work was illegally borrowed and used in the original and in the modified form, even to prove the very fact of borrowing would require the holding of a special examination.

This examination, depending on the nature of the work, can only deal with the experts of certain associations authorized by this government. Even greater complexity is the assessment of the damages suffered by the right holder in breach of copyright.

In the case of initiating the proceedings, the defense lawyers often try to cast doubt on methods used in the damage assessment in order to reduce the amount of compensation. Questioned by the lawyers of the defendant will certainly be subjected and the fact of copyright infringement in cases where borrowing has been partial and implicit.

A good lawyer can often resolve the situation with copyright infringement in the pre-trial phase, giving the letter seen in this organization. If copyright infringement is explicit, the offender often agrees to stop violating copyright in order to avoid unpromising beginning for his trial.

Another thing is that to agree on compensation payments for copyright infringement, if you aspire to such a goal, at the pretrial stage is much less. In order to get your opponents to part with their money usually requires trial and professional lawyer.

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