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Since the criminal case started the mechanism of criminal prosecution, and begin investigative activities. In order to prepare a defense against criminal prosecution, you first need to seek a competent lawyer, who will talk about the rights and obligations of a suspect, will produce the correct course of action, tactics and strategy of protection of his interests.

A criminal lawyer will identify circumstances that would justify the suspect, mitigate liability, release from punishment and other accidents. The lawyer is the guarantor of the rights and legitimate interests of his client, that is actually equalizes the rights of judge and Prosecutor, which performs criminal prosecution.

Thus, the lawyer protects the rights of the defendant during the preliminary investigation, confrontations, interrogations, investigative experiments and other events. In addition, he develops a certain strategy of protection, visits a suspect after arrest, prepares and makes various motions, he will appeal the punishment.

The prosecution process involves several stages and each will require the assistance of a criminal lawyer. To consult a specialist is necessary already when the police began operations and were called to testify. At this stage, the professional will establish the nature of the claim from law enforcement bodies and will help to avoid violations of the rights of the defendant.

When a criminal case is conducted the preliminary investigation or inquiry, so the help of a competent lawyer is simply necessary. Usually a specialist is present during all investigative actions taken by police officers, whereby in the collection of evidence can avoid violations.

When considering the case the court decided whether it is proved the defendant's guilt. If the defendant does not agree with the verdict, the lawyer is a complaint protects the rights of his client in the stages of appeal and cassation.

The lawyer has the right to join the prosecution at any stage, but better that it happened as early as possible. Timely and correct determination of the position of the suspect and the protection is active at all stages of criminal prosecution are key to the successful resolution of the case.

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