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Extortion is a particularly serious crime for which you can end up for years in jail. This article provides punishment till 15 years of imprisonment, that, without exaggeration. In simple layman the word extortion is most often associated with popular, especially in the 90-ies of the word racket.

Indeed, most often, extortion is the demand of money or property under threat of physical violence or disseminates information that can cause considerable harm to a victim.

Itself criminal article 163 of the criminal code of Russian Federation provides wide opportunities for its application for the investigating authorities. Sometimes, only one emotional phone call when you witness his debtor to go to prison. In addition, often in order to impute criminal charges more serious, investigators may be transferred to the extortion of a banal robbery.

Law enforcement agencies if a criminal case is always best accusatory and maximum number of articles of the criminal code, in order to ensure convictions and to protect themselves from possible penalties for unreasonable bringing to criminal liability.

Therefore, if charged with extortion must be as well suited to self defense. To be able to distinguish between extortion robbery or robbery. Thus, under article 163 of the criminal code of the methods of extortion be expressed in the following factors:

1. The threat of the use of threat or violence not dangerous to life and health.
2. The threat of spreading information that dishonors the victim and his loved ones, and can also cause them significant harm.
3. Threat of destruction or damage to property.

The threat is intimidation of the victim before doing so. Extortion is characterized by direct intent and that this intent or its absence is the most important factor to prove the guilt or innocence of a citizen.

For example, the same banal joke on the phone or just tough talk, the investigator will be a direct intent and for the citizen will turn to sky in the box. And, to prove that you're a law-abiding citizen in the fight against the system is simply impossible.

Only a competent lawyer will be able to clearly perform, collect all the necessary evidence, find witnesses, to detect procedural violations during the investigation.

A qualified lawyer wisely and properly build a defense that is able to refute all the arguments of the prosecution. In no case should one try to defend himself or to trust his fate to the so-called "duty lawyers". Only a professional technician are able to protect your interests with the most favorable result for you.

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