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 The attorney provides legal assistance on various issues and disputes in the areas of contract law, bargains and bankruptcy, and conflict of laws. The attorney gives legal advice related to the preparation of various contracts, bargains and disputes in courts of general jurisdiction courts  and arbitration courts.


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Defense in court is necessary in cases where the parties are unable to reach agreement at the stage of pre-trial settlement or the possibility of pre-trial settlement of such cases in principle not envisaged by the current legislation.

In civil cases for the protection of the court are the individuals or organizations (including public authorities and local self-government) and their advocates (lawyers). During trial in criminal cases as a Prosecutor, the Prosecutor acts as a representative of the state. In a very simplified defense in court the judicial process can be viewed as an intellectual contest between the two sides.

In the process of the hearing, which in complex cases can last (intermittently) for several months and even years, the parties present their evidence and arguments, appealing to evidence of his innocence to the current legislation. After the trial, the judge makes a decision on the case. In some categories of criminal cases the decision on the guilt of the defendants and the question of whether he deserve leniency, is not the judge and jury.

In criminal cases legal assistance as a defense in court may be required even before the actual trial. A good lawyer can convince the court to replace the provisional conclusion, in the detention center on recognizance not to leave. With regard to the stage of trial preparation, counsel and help to collect and submit the necessary documents that will represent you and your requirements in the best possible light.

Theoretically, the law allows a person to represent their interests in court independently, thereby making a defense in court. In practice, however, professional lawyers recommend to their clients a similar tactic only in very simple cases, the gain of which is almost obvious, and therefore the trial will be formal.

But in this case, legal assistance (consultation with attorney and the collection of documents) at the preliminary stage is almost mandatory. To protect themselves in court, not being a professional lawyer, especially if we are talking about complex case, too risky. Defense in court on your own risk, too expensive.

After losing a case often means to incur substantial financial costs or even lose your freedom. In addition, the court in complex cases the lawyers for both sides often holding hands "trumps" almost to the end of the meeting, and then to use them most effectively. "Trumps" is information that potentially could dramatically change the court's position in favor of satisfaction of requirements of one of the parties and make a dent in the tactics of judicial protection of the other party. Defense in court is a professional art lawyer.

A professional lawyer has the ability to rebuild on the fly, then he has sufficient knowledge and experience to counter the "trump card". For a non-lawyer, who undertook to defend himself in court "trumps" often have a stunning effect. They make the selected tactics of judicial protection is not effective enough, and to rebuild on the fly not a lawyer normally could not because of lack of knowledge and experience.

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