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                               DETENTION FOR A BRIBE


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Corruption crimes, including giving and accepting bribes, as a rule, cause a public outcry. Criminal cases, especially those which featured large amounts of money that are actively covered in the press. This is not surprising because the vast majority of the accused under article 290 and 291 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (reception and bribery) officials, civil servants, law enforcement officers, business leaders, employees and middle managers, businessmen.

Unfortunately, if the person is detained for a bribe, most people already consider him a criminal. Accordingly, the reputation earned over the years, becoming destroyed, and the citizen feels literally crushed. Meanwhile, any person shall be considered guilty until it is proved to have entered into force sentence of court.

The key evidence in the crime of bribery, the vast majority of criminal cases are these so-called operational or investigative experiments. This documentation of operational employees of the facts of the giving or receiving of a bribe, which is accompanied by a video or audio recording.

It would seem that iron proof of guilt, however, there are situations when law enforcement officials just choose a human victim who wants to prosecute, and begin systematically to provoke a bribe.

It can last a long time. Operative is included in the trust, and then some innocuous gift is a bribe. For committing such crimes can be put behind bars immediately for 12 years, in addition, will be hopelessly damaged the reputation of the accused.

As a rule, detention occurs only when law enforcement officers believe that they have all the evidence of his guilt. However, not all as scary as it seems.

Having the necessary legal knowledge, evidence, witnesses, knowing the practice of investigative measures, the features of a criminal offence, the judicial and investigative practice in cases of bribery, it is possible to change the situation in their favor.

Such legal aid is able to provide only a professional lawyer. A qualified defender has all the necessary knowledge and capabilities. Lawyer deeply analyzes the situation, check all the evidence of the prosecution is not the subject of their legality and permissibility of the use as evidence of guilt, will build a line of defense, we will represent your interests during the investigation and in court.

Practice shows that only with the help of a competent lawyer to stop criminal case behind absence of structure of a crime, to obtain an acquittal or minimize the penalties. Otherwise, the conviction and long years behind bars Ц is inevitable.

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