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Fraud is one of the most controversial types of crimes in our country. It is believed that fraud is difficult to prove, however, that article 159 of the criminal code (and other compounds associated with this article) often get in jail innocent people.

This paradox is explained simply. Criminal cases of fraud, sometimes very difficult to investigate and require close scrutiny. To set the line where between the subjects developed civil-legal relations, and criminal liability is very difficult. Unfortunately, often the investigator is guided by its own inner conviction and, if he wants to send a citizen to jail Ц he is sure to do.

Fraud is punishable by Law, very hard, you can end up in places of deprivation of liberty for up to 10 years, while for murder are sometimes given six.

On the subject of fraud, or lack of it, constantly unfolding a fierce debate. Even an experienced judge, sometimes it was difficult to define what kind of relationship exists between the victim and the accused, whether the intent of committing a crime or is it civil-law relations. The main factor around which ignite discussion, is cheating. The deception of the banking institution, associate in business, deception, public institutions or individuals.

But what is most surprising, the wording of the deception in civil and criminal case are almost similar. So in the civil law of deception qualifies as intentional misrepresentation through false information, documents, or misrepresentations of his partner. Deception in criminal law is also classified as an intentional misrepresentation, misrepresentation or concealment of information, which resulted in the crime.

Filing a lawsuit in civil court are often not very profitable, expensive, and sometimes difficult to prove his innocence. It is easier to convince the investigator to open a criminal case and if it turned out, the preliminary investigation will do everything possible to suspect for a long time was in prison.

In this position, to prevent undesirable developments can only be a qualified lawyer. In the case of fraud, legal aid can be really the saving grace, which will help to avoid undeserved punishment, or to minimize the amount of fine and term.

Only competent counsel can determine:
1. Whether committed fraud by deception or abuse of trust or is a civil legal relations. To properly build a defense.
2. To define and to prove in court the lack of intent in committing a crime.
3. To prove that the authority of the preliminary investigation, the allegation is made solely on the basis of speculation.
4. In the presence of a crime to convince the court to retrain article on softer or minimize the amount of damage.
5. To prove the lack of selfish goals.

In addition, the defender will call witnesses to the court, will declare the petition for carrying out examination, will attract professionals in different fields to prove the legality of the actions of the accused.

This is only a small part of the assistance, which could have a lawyer, because each criminal case, particularly the fraud is purely individual.

Self-protection or lack thereof in cases of fraud in the overwhelming majority of cases leads to imprisonment, this is especially true for individuals who are in custody.

Therefore, the role of the lawyer in this type of crime cannot be overemphasized, only a professional can successfully protect and win the case.

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