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 The attorney provides legal assistance on various issues and disputes in the areas of contract law, bargains and bankruptcy, and conflict of laws. The attorney gives legal advice related to the preparation of various contracts, bargains and disputes in courts of general jurisdiction courts  and arbitration courts.


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The bankruptcy of entities and citizens

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Conflict of Laws

Legal assistance in Civil Law

Legal services for business

Bargains support and preparation of contracts

Legal advice

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Every Each visited the law office on their personal motives, which we suggest can be very different. The time when the lawyer hired by the client only if he was threatened with criminal or administrative liability, passed: today, lawyers have become an indispensable skilled assistants that allow you to increase the level of legal literacy of the population and help us to carry out the activity in accordance with the law.

You need to visit the legal office? Little. For example, the desire and need for advice or assistance of a professional lawyer. It is necessary to understand that turning to the law office for professional help, you get some kind of government guarantee.

It allows us to hope that if a person needs legal advice, representation in court or defense in the case, he will get all of this at maximum volume.

Of course, among the different legal Bureau, who today carry out their work in the market, it is hard to find a really knowledgeable and professional partner. And yet, despite the fact that the criteria of distinction of the qualifications of lawyers are still clearly to be reached, however, it advocates for the implementation of its activities must take tests of professional suitability. Exams help to understand what level of specialist knowledge, and will he be able to work in the market of legal services.

However, if you decide to go to a law office in the person of lawyer Sergei Vinokurov in order to solve their urgent problem, no matter how complex it may be, the question of the availability status of a lawyer may not matter to you.

The fact that counsel carries out its activities strictly within the framework of current legislation and at the time, he passed all exams to obtain the status of an attorney and has experience in the field of law.

All lawyers currently have vast knowledge, which allow them to apply all the methods, ways, means and mechanisms by which the interests of the client and within the law to solve any problem and with dignity out of any situation.

To delay seeking help, the lawyer is not recommended, because the legal and physical persons will be able to find worthy partners, who will decide any issue at a civilized level. And if you are interested in this, the lawyer Sergei Vinokurov will be glad to start cooperation with you!

The law office in the person of lawyer Sergei Vinokurov ready to provide you with the necessary legal assistance for such disputes as: tax, housing, family, land, inheritance and so on. The lawyer will defend you in a criminal case and administrative case. The lawyer carries out the activity strictly in accordance with the law on advocacy.

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