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 The attorney provides legal assistance on various issues and disputes in the areas of contract law, bargains and bankruptcy, and conflict of laws. The attorney gives legal advice related to the preparation of various contracts, bargains and disputes in courts of general jurisdiction courts  and arbitration courts.


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The petition must be submitted in writing. In view of the availability in Russia of various types of proceedings application to the court is made differently and presented in a certain order.

An application to the court are best made with the assistance of a lawyer. The lawyer will tell you what the production is the place to be in a particular case and should look like a statement to the court. Being a specialist in the field of law the lawyer is obliged to provide legal assistance duly.

An application to the court is always done in writing. Submission of an application to the court by consideration of dispute the court of General jurisdiction is made only in writing. Submission of an application to the court if you are considering a dispute between businesses is possible in electronic form via the website of the relevant court of arbitration.

An application to the court attorney prepares as follows: be sure the application shall meet the requirements of the Civil procedural legislation of the Russian Federation and the Arbitration procedural legislation of the Russian Federation.

An application to the court must contain such details, the narrative, the reasoning part and the petition part, respectively. The lawyer should not forget that the content of the application to the court will sometimes depend on the outcome of the present dispute.

Mandatory application to the court must contain an indication of the parties involved in the proceedings. The lawyer taking on the obligation, as mentioned above, need to figure out what it is intended to produce: the claim that a special, accelerated, writ, administrative, etc.

An application to the court in the case of a claim proceeding is called a petition. Legal help in court proceedings is to clarify all circumstances of the case, with the aim of determining which rights were violated because the lawyer prepares the statement of claim must choose which remedy he needs to ask the court.

An application to the court in administrative proceedings is simply called statement. In such cases the lawyer rendering legal assistance have to figure out what document and what the public authority will be appealed.

An application to the court under special proceedings also is called administrative action. However, the distinguishing feature of such applications is that all the circumstances that should be reflected already listed in the legislation. In special proceedings absent a dispute about the law, but because the attorney preparing the application to the court should be attentive to this nuance by rendering legal assistance.

An application to the court in very rare cases, it may be formulaic. The Internet often can be found in the sample documents bearing the name of the application to the court. However, such documents may not be applicable in all cases, since the bulk of court cases has individual character.

The petition may not be trivial in the cases where the dispute is of a serious proprietary in nature. Do not trust these sample documents if you do not want to lose their money or other property. A statement to the court, though it has a strong structure, but the circumstances in which it reflects the individual always and only from the art and abilities of a lawyer depends on how this information will be reflected, what would the judge understand what is the violation of human rights.

When preparing an application to the court must correctly apply legal terminology, as the written statement for the judge. The judge is a professional lawyer who is easier to communicate with the same specialist than to find out all circumstances on their own. The lawyer preparing the petition is the assistant judge legal aid acting in your best interest.

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