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 The attorney provides legal assistance on various issues and disputes in the areas of contract law, bargains and bankruptcy, and conflict of laws. The attorney gives legal advice related to the preparation of various contracts, bargains and disputes in courts of general jurisdiction courts  and arbitration courts.


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According to statistics, at present, the lawyers in our country founded more than five hundred law office. Today employs more than 2.6 % of lawyers of the total number of all specialists, registered in our country. Try to understand what features were vested in the law office, and what services it can provide to people.

Along with the whole bar associations, and legal practitioners and conventional law firms has recently become a popular activity of the law office. For the uninitiated it should be clear that the law office is not just a law firm Ц rather, it is the joint work of two (or more) of professional lawyers that can successfully solve your legal problems.

It just so happened that the law of the law office can be organized only by two or more professional lawyers. In turn, between partners is a cooperation agreement, according to which the lawyers represent legal services on behalf of all the partners.

It is the cooperation agreement, or, as it is called, a contract of partnership, is able to regulate the activities of the law office. Today such a contract can be called an important document which contains all the valuable and confidential information.

Work law office can be fickle. As a rule, the activities of lawyers, which are included in the structure of law firms is governed by the partnership agreement, and the validity of the Bureau. It should be assumed that upon expiration of the term of the partnership agreement, the parties can refuse further cooperation or, on the contrary, to pursue it.

The work of specialists in law firms, as a rule, restricts the independence of lawyers themselves if they are doing anything to the client, seeking help in the Bureau.

If you need any legal service, as a reliable partner you can choose our lawyers. For this, you only need to conclude an agreement with the managing partner to get expert advice or to enlist the support and assistance of the experienced and professional lawyers.

The list of services that you can provide to law offices, is no different from the list of services that adopted in any other legal company. So, to us for help you can contact when you need to solve the issue of inheritance of property, divorce proceedings or arbitration.

Law office established by at least two lawyers who decided to combine their efforts to protect the rights of individuals and legal entities. the fact that it happens that each of the lawyers specialized in different areas of law, both civil and criminal law. A special area of law in which improved lawyers is arbitration eligible.

By the way the lawyer Sergei Vinokurov has appropriate training and a master's degree that is in arbitration.

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