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Each of us faced a situation when the purchased item was of poor quality or totally unusable. In such cases, people behave differently: some try to change a thing, others just swallow the insult. However, in both situations, buying turns and wasted financial resources.

That's because smiling sellers if the item is returned in the vast majority of cases develop in the hard, unscrupulous and cynical people. They will do everything possible to expose to blame for the defective goods. Not knowing the laws and their rights, the citizen, usually with nothing. Well, if it was an inexpensive purchase, and if the acquisition cost substantial sums of money, which affected the pocket. What to do in this situation?

Few people know that a defective product can not only change, but also demand to return the money to repair at seller's expense, to obtain moral compensation. After all, for example, the exchange of goods, the seller changes we thing the same is of poor quality, while other solutions to the problem are not available.

In the Russian Federation there are rules and requirements for trade that must be observed by the seller. In order to monitor compliance with the rules, there are special organizations such as the Federal Antimonopoly service, police and Prosecutor's office. However, they intervene in the situation, usually only when recorded numerous violations. In a few cases to defend their rights are usually the most.

Protection of the rights of consumers to return goods to the process, which will not cause any difficulties if you consult a professional lawyer. A competent lawyer will advise you about the place of purchase and the store will check the conditions of the contract of purchase and sale, I will consider the warranty period. A lawyer for the protection of the rights of consumers knows all the tricks and the tricks of unscrupulous sellers, and will not allow them to slip poor quality products. Thus, the risk of being cheated is reduced significantly.

If it did happen, the professional lawyer will help to carry out all necessary inspection, examination, competently make a complaint or statement. In addition, the lawyer will represent your interests in court where will demand not only a refund of the amount for the goods, but also moral compensation for the harm done. Statistics show that in opposition to buyer Ц seller usually wins is the one whose rights have been violated, that is, a citizen or legal person who purchased the goods of improper quality or defective products.

However, to achieve the truth in court is very difficult, because the stores and sellers usually possess a staff of lawyers who can find even the smallest loophole in the law and evade responsibility. Only a professional lawyer will be able to find the truth, to go out with you the winner in this confrontation and force sellers to comply with the laws.

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