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 The attorney provides legal assistance on various issues and disputes in the areas of contract law, bargains and bankruptcy, and conflict of laws. The attorney gives legal advice related to the preparation of various contracts, bargains and disputes in courts of general jurisdiction courts  and arbitration courts.


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The consumer is defrauded by the seller, due to legal illiteracy often takes no action for return of the defective goods. In the event of a dispute with retailers and manufacturers Ц need experienced attorney.

In case of violation of your rights, with it, you will be able to:
Х return the amount of money paid for the goods of improper quality;
Х receive monetary compensation for moral harm;
Х to reduce the amount paid for the goods;
Х to promote free elimination of defects;
Х to recover from the seller liquidated damages;
Х to return funds spent on services representative.

Do not be afraid of seeking help from professionals, because the protection of the rights of consumers of goods helps to solve these problems. Since unscrupulous manufacturers it is on this count, implementing a known-defective product. The amount paid for it, you are huge (for example, if the goods expensive car) Ц a lawyer can help in this case.

At the beginning of a dispute, you must write and deliver to the seller a competent claim. It will be able to be a competent lawyer, in most cases, it helps to solve the problem within 10 days of the settlement agreement by law.

Such treatment must be specified:
Х address, the name of the recipient of the claim;
Х name and contact information of the sender of the application;
Х description of what the problem is, with references to laws;
Х legal requirements of the sender;
Х a list of actions that will follow a complaint, if the seller refuses to meet the requirements.

If the seller does not agree with the claim Ц the deceived consumer receives the right to compensation for moral damage. In the vast majority of cases, correctly written reasoned petition - court should be fully satisfied with the reimbursement of expenses associated with the conduct of the case, and sometimes imposed an additional fine on the Respondent. It becomes clear that the protection of the rights of consumers of goods without legal education is impossible.

For return of the vehicle, of poor quality, you need to know all the details. To win the process in a large company, the need to protect the rights of consumers of the goods by a qualified technician, as required to conduct pre-trial independent technical expertise.

In addition, the lawyer can demand the payment of a penalty. The law provides for the payment upon demand of buyer, pending a court decision. You only need to know what qualifies the consumer and this too will help only a professional lawyer.

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