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The right to inheritance under the will arises when there is a will according to which man is the sole heir with the right of inheritance of all property or its part. In that case, if the deceased had the deceased not made a will during his life, or it is invalidated, it is possible to inherit under the law.

Also the right to inherit under the will may occur if the heir has not accepted the inheritance have died before the testator or suspended from the right to the inheritance.

The inheritance procedure consists of several stages. First, the notary is followed by a statement of acceptance of inheritance. Then gather the necessary documents confirming the rights of the heir, so he could obtain a certificate.

To assemble the package of documents necessary to bypass many organizations, stand in considerable queue to pay the state fee and fill out numerous forms. A competent lawyer will quickly gather all the necessary documents and recover them in case of loss.

It may seem that the procedure for registration of inheritance is simple, but each stage has its own nuances, which the heir may be unaware of and as a result lose the right of inheritance. In order not to miss the deadline, or to establish in court the fact of accepting the inheritance, enough to contact a lawyer.

Heir it is important to determine whether he will inherit the property, together with rights transferred to him the duties of the testator. If you have already submitted the statement of acceptance of inheritance, in order for him to withdraw, just need the help of a good lawyer.

It should be remembered that the law provides protection for minors and adult disabled children, spouses and parents of the deceased, entitled to half the assets. In this regard, there are often inheritance disputes, or have to challenge the actions of the notary. In this case, the support of a lawyer in probate cases is necessary because he will take care of all the issues associated with the adoption of the property will hold talks with the other heirs, and settle all possible disputes.

After the issuance of the certificate of inheritance, an heir becomes a full owner of the property. In order to bring the process of inheritance registration to its logical conclusion, to register the title to the property and become the rightful owner, sufficient to enlist the support of a lawyer.

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