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                       THE TIMING OF THE INHERITANCE


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In the modern world, the transmission of property by inheritance to loved ones is very important. For some people, this is the opportunity to continue their parents ' business, for others a chance to start a full normal life, for the third Ц best investment and so on. In such a situation the death of a person, as it is not blasphemous, and plays a positive role in the fate of people who were somehow something associated with the deceased.

To inherit property by law or by will. In the first case, the inheritance is divided into equal parts among the people listed in the law, according to the established order. In a situation with the will, the inheritance is given to those individuals who decided to donate his property the testator.

To acquire the inheritance, the citizen must accept the statutory six-month period. Legacy the terms of which are omitted, it is possible, if the reasons to take via court decision or through a notarized consent of the other successors.

Unfortunately, the reality often over the inheritance between people there are insurmountable differences. Conflicts can lead to the requirement of recognition of the will invalid. This happens for different reasons, and clarification of the relationship often lead to lengthy litigation that can take years. At this time the inheritance is frozen, and property and other material assets actually nobody can use it. The court collected numerous documents, certificates, photographs, searches for facts, and so on. In such a situation, it is very difficult to seek the truth independently, and can and does lose his inheritance rights.

The best way is a legal service Ц specialist probate. The vast majority of citizens find it difficult to imagine a set of actions in order to join their succession law.

A competent legal services:
1. Consult on the opening of the inheritance.
2. Establish facts which have legal significance.
3. Will be, if necessary, a complaint against the notary.
4. Establish facts of possession and use of property.
5. Restore the missed term of the inheritance.
6. Appeal against the refusal of a notary to issue a certificate of inheritance.

In addition, in the case of inheritance dispute, the lawyer will represent your interests in court: objected to the claims of other heirs and determine the estate, collect all necessary documents and represent the evidence base will declare petitions, to appeal against incorrectly performed actions will make and submit a statement of claim, conduct negotiations with the other heirs on the subject of the settlement agreement. Only with the help of a professional lawyer to resolve all issues quickly and with positive results. Otherwise, you can long wait, or not to receive an inheritance at all, while spending a significant amount of nerves and money.

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