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                                ARBITRATION CASES

Arbitration cases in Russia are considered, if the case arose in the course of business or other economic activities. The arbitration proceedings are carried out in the system of arbitration courts. This procedure is carried out under the special proceedings arbitration law. In cases of this category is the invaluable assistance of a lawyer.

Thus the legal case between companies or owners of shares and stakes in companies are specific. Quite a lot of cases in arbitration courts considered for the execution of certain contracts, debt collection. Exceptional complexity of the case are in the area of tax law.

Any arbitration cases require careful work with evidence and building an impeccable legal version, if you want to be a winner in the arbitration.

The structure of the arbitration courts also very different from the structure of courts of general jurisdiction and includes separate courts of appeal and cassation courts of districts.

The attorney helping you in cases before arbitration courts, will not only writes a complaint or statement, but will also help in the adoption of interim measures, such as seizure of property (real estate), blocking traffic on the bank account of the ban on the commission or other activities and so on.

The attorney Sergei Vinokurov has experience representing Economic legal cases in various courts of arbitration (the Moscow Arbitration Court, the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region, the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeals, Tenth Arbitration Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of the Moscow District, and so on) in Moscow, the Moscow Region and other courts of the Russian Federation.

The attorney Sergei Vinokurov has experience representing clients in arbitration courts for recovery of debts, termination of contracts, enforcement of obligations of appeal acts of state bodies, such as the tax office, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, the debate on public contracts, disputes between shareholders and members of the company and so on.

The attorney Sergei Vinokurov graduated with honors Master's degree in one of the leading universities of the country under the "Judicial work on issues of economic justice," but because arbitrations are its priority specialization.


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