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                       LEGAL SERVICES IN CIVIL LAW

Civil disputes vast area of ​​the law, which includes family disputes, disputes over property, inheritance disputes, etc. The practice in civil cases require the attorney understanding of the essence of civil process and attention to the legal facts, as well as hard work in preparing the case.

Civil disputes are based primarily on the structural assessment of legal documents and legal facts entailing a dispute about the rights and obligations between the parties.

A person does not have the legal education is almost impossible to understand the peculiarities of the civil case, due to the fact that he can not give meaning to whatever evidence or misinterpret the content of a legal act or rule of law. The attorney Sergei Vinokurov has experience reporting on the various categories of civil cases the interests of citizens and organizations. Very often the lawyer representing the interests of citizens in the area of ​​family law, disputes over property disputes on inheritance.

Representing the interests of the client, the lawyer always takes into account the different scenarios during the trial.

Also, quite often in the course of civil proceedings, it is necessary to resort to interim measures (provisional arrest of property, seizure of bank accounts, banning certain actions).

A positive aspect that arises between a lawyer and client in civil disputes is that the client can conclude an agreement with a lawyer, payment assistance of a lawyer, depending on the outcome of the trial. Simply stated, the client can provide counsel to pay if a positive result is obtained in dispute (although in this case, the fee is determined based on the amount of requirements, not depending on the work performed).

That is why in a civil dispute is often the lawyer and the client act as a sort of "partner" in the pursuit of legal justice.


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