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                                       LEGAL ADVICE

Legal advice is an important step of providing legal assistance to the client. Without preliminary legal advice is impossible to establish the essence of the case and decide on the original legal position on it.  The attorney Sergei Vinokurov has a service for legal advice orally and in writing (preparation of legal memorandum). Legal advice helps the customer not only to find the legal information on the legal issue, but also allows him to personally meet with the attorney and the methods of its work.

The relationship between lawyer and client have a strong influence on the process of legal aid. After all, the relationship between lawyer and client are called trust (fiduciary), since in many of these relations are based on trust and personal customer perception of the individual lawyer. Legal advice is a form of communication and the principal lawyer, which allows you to get to know each other and jointly build a sequence of actions necessary to resolve the issues or the choice of ways to protect the violated rights.

In turn, the client, while legal advice can get acquainted with the working methods of the attorney and pre-test his skills. The attorney Sergei Vinokurov offers legal advice in the areas of law such as criminal law, arbitration, civil law, on the transaction and so on.

Before the legal advice you need to call a lawyer, and find out what documents you need to prepare in advance and take with you on consultation. Prepare to be that you may need to meet on a legal consultation with a lawyer more than once, so that the lawyer was able to understand thoroughly in your question.

The purpose of consultation is to first of all to clarify the prospects for recovery and protection of your rights, but do not forget that the more complex your legal matter, the harder it is to assume the likely outcome of the case.

So do not be upset if the lawyer can not tell you, there is the prospect of your legal issue or not. In any case, an attorney can help you develop the primary sequence of actions required for the successful resolution of your legal problem.

The attorney Sergei Vinokurov applies to each case with due diligence. Referring to him for legal help, you can verify this yourself.​






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